5 Best Marketplaces to Buy BTC

Your trading success is highly dependent on the exchange platform you choose. If you are rather new to this business and lack the key knowledge, it is not a reason to put your trading career at risk. Find below the list of top market places where you can run any transactions with BTC.


#1 – Binance

Binance is a prime example of how a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange should look like. Initially, the platform did not work with fiat funds at all. Later, taking into account the numerous wishes of customers, an adjacent platform Binance Jersey was opened to exchange cryptocurrency for traditional currency. The key features of the platform are as follows:

  • Convenient multilingual interface to buy bitcoin instantly;
  • A large number of trading pairs;
  • Additional tools for comfortable trading.

There is a minimum commission on Binance, and you can withdraw two BTC units per day without identity verification. 


#2 – Bittrex

The Bitrix platform stores most of the digital assets in cold wallets. When using the exchange platform, there is a whole set of benefits for you:

  • An extensive selection of cryptocurrency pairs;
  • High level of security;
  • Charge-free deposit and withdrawal of credits from the trading platform;
  • The ability to exchange virtual money for fiat money at a good rate.

Keep in mind that you will be able to withdraw coins only after completing the account verification. Residents of some American states are generally not allowed to register on this site due to the specs of local legislation. The minimum trading volume on Bitrix is ​​equivalent to 0.00005 BTC.


#3 – LocalBitcoins

The LocalBitcoins project has no analogs on the market. On this unique crypto exchange, users conclude transactions between themselves without the mediation of the site administration. Not so long ago, verification was mandatory only for sellers and large traders. But new rules for working on the service have already been published, where the requirement for mandatory verification of the identity of all LocalBitcoins customers from September 1, 2019, is clearly stated. The main advantages of the site are as follows:

  • The ability to buy and sell bitcoin at a favorable rate and with a low fee;
  • Various methods of payment for the transaction.

LocalBitcoins operates in many countries, and each of them supports bank transfers in local currency and other payment systems popular in the region. All users are provided with a bitcoin deposit address for conducting purchase and sale operations. Other cryptocurrencies are not supported.


#4 – Probit

Probit is a young, dynamic project with extensive functionality and the opportunity to earn money through regular airdrops. The platform has cool features:

  • Simple registration and no mandatory verification;
  • Over 160 digital currencies for trading;
  • Conducted over 100 IEO rounds in less than a year;
  • Profitable referral program: up to 30% referral bonuses.


#5 – HitBTC

The HitBTC service has been operating in the crypto market for six years. It features well-thought-out functionality, a wide selection of trading instruments, and exchange pairs. Identity verification is required only for traders working with fiat currencies.

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