Top 7 Platforms Where Celebrities Exchanged BTC

The exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat and vice versa is a common procedure that every member of the crypto community has encountered at least once. The fastest way to carry out such operations is to use special platforms for this purpose. If you are looking for the best platforms to buy or sell BTC immediately, then here are some of the best market places that celebrities use.


#1 – StormGain

The StormGain project is registered in the Virgin Islands and was launched in 2019 as a cryptocurrency exchange. Subsequently, StormGain was turned into a full-fledged exchange, but many still use the platform for the quick exchange of assets. The platform charges commissions for conducting transactions at a level ranging between 0.095% and 0.25%. 


#2 – Changelly

Changelly was launched in 2015 and currently offers more than 300 options for exchanging assets, including a number of offers to buy Bitcoin. The platform provides two types of digital asset rates for a transaction:

  • Floating – The system selects the best offer from all available ones.
  • Fixed – The average value of the exchange rate on the market. The data are refreshed every 30 seconds. A fixed rate can be sometimes more profitable than a floating one.

In addition to the network commission of cryptocurrencies, the site charges 0.25% of the exchange amount. 


#3 – ShapeShift

The American project ShapeShift was originally designed for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and was launched in 2014. There are no additional exchange fees on ShapeShift. However, not all assets are available on the platform around the clock. During the day, some offers appear and disappear.


#4 – AlfaCashier

The German exchange platform AlfaCashier was launched in 2012. According to traders, the site offers more than 500 asset exchange options. AlfaCashier works with both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. A limit is set on the operation, which is adjusted depending on the price of the asset. So, for example, with a Bitcoin price of $9,609, the maximum BTC exchange amount is 0.4938787, while the minimum is 0.00314235.


#5 – NetEx24

The multicurrency platform was launched in 2007. It presents about 250 options for exchanging assets, so it will be quite easy to find your target currency. Since the cryptocurrency exchanger is available 24 hours, many traders give preference to this service.


#6 – WmExpress

The WmExpress platform was launched in 2015 and currently covers about 400 asset exchange options. The exchange speed on WmExpress is extremely fast, so you won’t wait for the transaction completion too long.


#7 – B2BX

The B2BX cryptocurrency exchange is a popular exchange for both regular buying/selling and cryptocurrency trading. The crypto exchange is equally convenient for both independent traders and corporate clients. The main focus of the platform is on user safety. Two-factor authentication prevents attackers from gaining access to users’ wallets.

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